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What Are The Gravity Separation Methods Used To Select Gold or alluvial sand I ?

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Gravity separation is one of the common methods for gold ore dressing, which uses different specific gravity of materials and different settlement velocity in the medium to carry out stratified separation. Generally, when gold mostly exists in the form of monomer natural gold, the density difference between gold and gangue is large, so it is effective and economical for gold separation. In most gold-bearing rocks, there is some free gold of coarse particles, and the gold of coarse particles can be recovered by gravity separation before the ore enters the flotation or leaching stage. Generally, the particle size of gold ore recovered by gravity separation is above 0.01mm.

There are various gravity selection methods that can be used for gold selection, such as jigging gravity selection, shaking table gravity selection, chute gravity selection, spiral gravity selection, centrifugal gravity selection and wind power gravity selection, etc. The commonly used gravity selection methods are jigging gold selection, shaking table gold selection and chute gold selection.

1. Jigging gold

The main equipment for jigging gold is jigging machine, whose jigging process is to mix mineral particles with different specific gravity, and stratify them according to specific gravity in the vertically moving variable speed medium flow. The minerals with small specific gravity are located at the upper layer, while the minerals with larger specific gravity are located at the lower layer. The materials with good layering quality are discharged respectively under the action of machinery and water flow.

Jigging gold is suitable for separation of coarse mineral particles of any size (except superfine material mineral raw material), the metal mineral dressing the granularity of the on-line to 50 mm, log off 0.2 to 0.007 mm, for placer gold ore dressing in proportion to be 1.25 or higher and ore under the premise of monomer dissociation, lower limit of particle size of 0.04 mm, simple process operation, equipment processing capacity is big, can be separated in the final product.

2. Shaking table to separate gold

Shaking table to separate the main equipment of gold for the table, it is in the horizontal medium flow to choose other equipment, through a transmission mechanism do the reciprocating movement of the longitudinal bed surface, do the slip stream and the bed surface differential motion, ore grain in reciprocating motion through perpendicular to the stratification in the bed surface and parallel to the bed surface separation effect, make different granularity material different interval discharge from the bed surface, realize the separation.

Shaking table to separate suitable for processing a finer granularity of mineral separation of gold, according to the particle size of ore is different, divided into coarse sand bed, sand bed and slurry bed three, including coarse sand bed is suitable for sorting material particle size small and 0.5 mm of ore grain,sand bed is suitable for processing materials of ore grain size range of 0.5 ~0.074 mm, slurry bed suitable for processing materials of ore grain size 0.074~ 0.037 mm.

The range of grain size of gold in the shaking table dressing is generally between 3~0.019mm, the gold dressing is stable and reliable, the distribution of ore belt is clear, the rich ore is higher than other dressing methods, easy to manage, and the required ore can be separated at one time.

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