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The stable operation of the ball mill and the method to improve the working efficiency of the ball mill

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As we all know, ball mills are mainly suitable for grinding and milling industries. Nowadays, the raw materials for many items in our daily life need to be processed by ball mills at the beginning of production. This also shows that the ball mill plays a very important role in the basic industry of our country. It plays an indelible role in the process of all kinds of industrial raw materials in the production line. It can be used for open circuit grinding, also for the circle grinding with powder feeder. This machine has its own advantage of rational design, strong adaptability to raw materials, running fast, high crushing ratio, large capacity and easy to operate.

How to ensure the stable operation of the ball mill and how to improve the working efficiency of the ball mill? 
1. Select the appropriate ball mill equipment (determine the type selection of ball mill). 
We should understand that ball mills can be divided into many categories according to their different uses. The functions and structures of different types of ball mills are quite different. We want to make the ball mills run stably and efficiently. You need to select the correct type of ball mill. 
2. Selection of supporting equipment. 
As a single machine equipment for grinding, the main work of the ball mill is the process of turning the ore from large grinding to small material degree, and often the ore production line includes a lot of supporting equipment to operate together. The commonly used ore is first broken by the crushing process and then fed into the ball milling machine powder, and then through the classification mineral processing process, and the output matching of the selected output of the early crusher and the matching of the subsequent grading machine will play a great role in the output of the whole production line. For example, if the particle size and uniformity of the particle size of the crusher directly affect the quality of the feed of the ball mill, and after the relatively good material enters the ball mill, the grinding time and power consumption will be relatively reduced. In this way, it can be said that the working efficiency of the ball mill is improved. 
3. Maintenance is critical. 
In the process of using large equipment such as ball mill, because of the direct contact with the ore, the liner needs to be inspected and replaced regularly. If it is not replaced in time, it may damage the cylinder of the equipment and reduce the output. There are other phenomena such as motor, reducer gear, gear oil, bearing and bearing seat wear and oil circuit inspection are very necessary, once in the production process, there is a reduction in production, abnormal noise and other phenomena, it is necessary to stop immediately for inspection. Find the source of the problem, repair and replace the parts in time. Therefore, regular maintenance of the ball mill is a key factor for the stable and efficient work of the equipment. 
4. Work according to the operating rules. 
When designing and manufacturing a ball mill, the manufacturer will certainly inform the user of the maximum load and maximum workload of the ball mill. These parameters are based on rigorous scientific calculations, specifically related to many specialties, such as material science, mechanics, and so on. We don't have much to say here. In order to increase production, extend the normal service life of the equipment, or change the operating parameters of the equipment on their own, it is very undesirable for many users to increase the output, prolong the normal service life of the equipment, or change the operating parameters of the equipment on their own. However, there are great damage and hidden dangers in the life and safety of the equipment, which is very important to the long-term continuous production.

In recent years, with the burning of the ball mill market, as an indispensable ball mill equipment is known to everyone, we all know that a new ball mill to enter the normal state of production, The newly installed ball mill must go through a period of running-in, and in addition, the amount and proportion of steel balls added to the ball mill when it is first opened is different from that in normal production.Let's take a look at how the ball mill was correctly added to the ball mill for the first time. 

I. how to estimate. 
In general, the size of steel ball can be divided into large, medium and small. The diameter of large ball is divided into 120mm and 100mm, the diameter of medium ball is 80mm, and the diameter of ball is divided into 60mm and 40mm. Under normal circumstances, the ball does not need to be added when the ball mill is ground, because the reasonable friction between the steel ball and the steel ball, the steel ball and the ore, the steel ball and the liner of the ball mill will increase the wear during the normal operation of the ball mill. Make a big ball mill small, medium ball mill into a small ball. 
The proportion of steel balls of different sizes is also different, but when the ball mill is first put into use, the proportion of large, medium and small balls is 30% to 40%, 40% to 30% and 30% to 30%, respectively. 
Moreover, when adding it for the first time, it should be added according to 80% of the maximum ball loading capacity given by the manufacturer, because after the ball mill is installed, the large and small gears of the ball mill need to mesh, and the processing capacity should be gradually increased. After the normal operation of the ball mill for two or three days, pick up the meshing of large and small gears, and when everything is normal, open the manhole cover of the ball mill and add the remaining 20% steel ball for the second time. 

II. How to add. 
The amount of assembly ball in different ball mills is different. For example, the largest ball of the MQG1500 × 3000 ball mill (with a throughput of 100 to 150t) is responsible for 9.5t to 10t. The first external catch (Φ 120, Φ 100) accounted for 13%, 40% and 40%, the ball 80-30%, the ball (?). And? 40) 30%. Why is the number of balls only increased by 80% during the operation of the ball mill, because the ball mill is installed, the size of the ball mill requires a net (amount of ore), and the throughput increases gradually, waiting for the ball mill to run continuously and normally for two or three days? Stop picking up the ball to check the size of the gear meshing, everything is fine, open the ball mill manhole cover added for the second time, the remaining 20% of the ball. 
The ball mill is running normally, and each class ball is added according to 03:04 03 seconds (Φ 120, Φ 100, Φ 80). Note: add the first add ball with the ball. The normal operation of the ball mill, the friction between the ball and the ore, the steel ball and the ball mill liner is reasonable, because it can increase the wear and tear and make the ball mill small (grinding ball, ball milling machine ball). Therefore, under normal circumstances, there is no need to add the ball, and the ball is in the particle size of the ore without monomer dissociation, when the fineness of the grinder can not meet the flotation requirements, you can add an appropriate amount of ball. 

These are the relevant answers made for you by Hechang metalluagy on how to correctly add steel balls to the ball mill for the first time. Hopely it will be helpful to you. Generally speaking, a ball mill in normal operation does not need to add small balls. There is an exception. That is, there is no monomer dissociation in the particle size of useful minerals, and an appropriate amount of pellets can be added when the fineness of the grinder does not meet the requirements of flotation.The steel ball in the ball mill is worn continuously in the course of running. In order to maintain the ball load filling rate and the reasonable ratio of the ball, and to maintain the stable operation of the ball mill, it is necessary to carry out reasonable ball replenishment and low compensation wear.

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